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The Majestic Goddess by Wesley-Souza

Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza

Shower Time by Wesley-Souza

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What is Wrong With My Machine by Wesley-Souza

my first Daily Deviation :wow:
I'm very happy to win :love: thanks :iconaeirmid:

Happy Thoughts Make you Fly by Wesley-Souza

thank you very much :iconemerald-depths: for my second daily :party:
thank you :iconsandra-cristhina: for suggesting

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My new work that I super loved :love: 

23 deviants said Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza :happybounce:

News and Super Wonderful Works Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 11:28 PM


My new work, I hope you liked it :)
it was amazing to do this work because I love fantasy concepts and I just loved the result.


Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza

and do not forget to check out this journal that has very useful information.

super wonderful works

just loved these works. and want to share these wonderful works with everyone.

Heart Love Heart

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and thanks for the beautiful gifts

Lady of the desert by CharllieeArts Reality or just an imagination? by GregoryNicolas

see all the information here and please donate prizes

New Contest - donate prizesTwo Themes Contest

new contest and this contest we will do differently because it was very difficult to choose 1 theme among the 20 suggestions made​​, then will have two themes, and you can choose which theme to make your entry.
and the themes chosen are :

Baby Blue Bullet Secret Garden(s) Baby Blue Bullet 
Baby Blue Bullet My friend is a monster (can be a fantasy creatures) Baby Blue Bullet 

choose your favorite theme for you to make your entry. and do something creative, because jurors will judge creativity.

Many people ask me what this term means ¨¨not legitimate stock¨¨
and always ask me how I know? how to identify?. so I decide to post a journal with many tips and show some gallery that I do not recommend.

[look at these galleries here]

first...the things written here in this journal, I did a long search. and I'm doing this to help and inform people about this subject.

and first I'll tell because I started getting interested in this subject. three things happened that made me pay attention in this detail.

1 - a long time ago, I used the stock from pixabay in some premades. and unfortunately I did not know that this site is not reliable, so I was denounced and I had all my contents posted in stock removed.
2 - I used a premade, but the person who did this premade used a stock that was not allowed to be used, and this premade was denounced and people who used also have been denounced and had my manipulation was moved to scrap for infringed copyright.
3 - I used a PNG, and after a long time I found one stock photograph, with that PNG and I realized that I had used a stolen picture. then I started to pay much attention in stocks that I was using.

I will first post here what is copyright infringement, and some information from Faqs deviantart.

What is Copyright Infringement?

 copyright infringement occurs when you do certain things with a creative work which someone else produced without first getting the proper permission.

Some examples of copyright infringement (this is only a partial listing) can include:
  • Placing someone else's photograph or creative work online without proper permission.
  • Using a creative work commercially without permission.
  • Adapting someone else's creative work found in one medium to another medium, such as making a book into a movie or a photograph into a painting.
  •  Modifying or editing a creative work without proper permission.

What Happens When You Submit Infringing Works to deviantART?

Any copyright owner following the procedures in this Copyright Policy can require deviantART to remove his or her copyrighted content in use by a member of deviantART. When through the proper notice we become aware that a submission to deviantART infringes upon the copyrights of another artist, creative person or company, we will immediately delete it. This is a legal requirement which we fulfill immediately; you will not receive an advanced warning and you will not be given an opportunity to 'fix it'.

What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?

Violations of the deviantART copyright policy occur when a member engages in activities, largely posting deviations that infringe the copyright of others.

What is a stock ¨non legitimate source¨ ?

images are posted here on deviantart in category stocks and resources. and these images are not the property of those people who post.
for example:
  • works protected by copyright .
  • sites untrusted source.
  • re-posted pictures from sites stocks (stocks paid sites)
  • PNGs and premades made ​​with images from the public domain, but without credit.
  • anime "renders"
  • celebrity images or "editions"
  • images taken from search engines such as Google
  • "premade" or "precut" images taken from stock sites that do not allow redistribution
........and others..........

What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Stock images or other resources are materials created and offered with the express intent that they be used by other artists in their creations. Use of these materials are subject to the artist's license, which may or may not require the payment of fees and which may possess other specific rules or restrictions.

Only the legal owner of an image or resource has the ability to offer the work for reuse and images taken from print or film, images of celebrities, models or manipulated "renders" are not considered valid stock or resources. Any website offering these materials is not regarded as a valid stock and resources site.

submissions may only contain materials or images which were created entirely through your own effort, authorized stock or resources and materials or images for which you have obtained permission for use in the submission.

This means that content such as screenshots, celebrity photographs, video game sprites, and other similar materials are not typically considered to be valid resources for use in submissions to your deviantART gallery unless you have obtained written permission from the copyright holder.

Failure to obtain proper permission for the use of materials protected under copyright can leave your deviantART submission vulnerable to being removed by our staff following a valid claim of infringement against it.

and how to report these images?

mode of reporting is easy, the difficult is the system deviantart do something.
because only the original owner can report and be effective result. but when people who are not the original owner, the request denounces is not treated with a special way. then report these stolen stocks is not easy.
but has YES a way to report.

To the right of every deviation you will find a column which presents various bits of information and options. At the bottom of this column beneath the area devoted to Statistics you will find a link titled Report Deviation preceded by a small symbol of an exclamation point within a diamond shape.

Upon clicking the Report Deviation link you will be offered a standard form where you will be able to make selections and enter information or explanations.
Ex by Wesley-Souza
in our case we, third parties, or those who do not own the copyright or legally represent the artist will not be impacted at all. we have to click on the option “Permission Issues.” and adding the link to the original image.

do not forget all the information written here are parts of texts from FAQs and blogs deviantart.
and for more information I recommend you read :

Tips, how to identify
(the tips will be updated soon)

with that time I learned how to identify these stocks. and with all the information that I found I formulated some useful tips.

Tip 1

a tip I always say when someone asks me. is super simple, look at the description. in the description you can find the main information.
but what you should notice in the description?
  • it says who photographed (PNG or premade).
  • it says where is the original materials used.
  • if have credits to the site of the stock used.
  • if has information about who photographed. among others ...
and if you do not find anything in the description, be wary. and I recommend you do not use the stock.

Tip 2

look at the profile of the person you are mistrusting, see if it says somewhere if that person is a photographer.
try to find more evidence in the gallery, and if not find suspicious and do a google search.

Tip 3

if you suspect something, search the stock on google image.
and how to do?

open the google image.
Option 1: drag the image into the search field.
Bbb by Wesley-Souza

Option 2: clicle the icon [Search by image] and paste the URL of the image.
Mg 7194 by Wesley-Souza

and you'll find similar images, and perhaps the original image.
and try to find who posted first .. in some google searches the date appears. then compare the date posted in the D.A file, and the date posted elsewhere.
and try to see if the place the original posted is a stock site. if it is a stock site, perfect, because you can credit the original source.

You can also search in

Tip 4

a detail that you can check is the size of the stock, if the stock size is small, this may mean that the person is not a photographer. because the photographers always post their stocks in very large size.
Mg 7194 by Wesley-Souza

example 1 , example 2

Tip 5

Also check the quality of the stock. how? see the file in original size. and if you see lots of pixels and a blurred image. suspicious. because a photographer do not post a stock in poor quality.
Zoom 100 %
example 1 , example 2
Mg 7194 by Wesley-Souza

what is correct? and what is wrong?

Here I will show examples with tips for you to understand better.

Example 1 ( link ) - what is wrong?Bullet; Red 
1- by Wesley-Souza
Bullet; Red 1 - reasonable size,
Bullet; Red 2 - no quality,
Bullet; Red 3 - uncredited and without information on the description of the original material, some of the materials used are from people here from devianart, but not found the owner.
Example 2 (link) - what is wrong?Bullet; Red 
2 by Wesley-Souza
Bullet; Red 1- no quality,
Bullet; Red 2 - uncredited and without information on the description of the original material.

Example 3 (link) - what is correct?Bullet; Green 
premade 100% correct by pranile 
3 by Wesley-Souza
Bullet; Green 1 - excellent quality.
Bullet; Green 2 - showed the original photos used, trust who shows the original photos. it means that the person is a photographer and is not lying and showing the truth.
Bullet; Green 3 - information on the description, say who shot the original photos.
Example 4 (link) - what is correct?Bullet; Green 
premade 100% correct by EveLivesey 
4 by Wesley-Souza

Bullet; Green 1 - excellent size.
Bullet; Green 2 - excellent quality.
Bullet; Green 3 - information on the description, say who shot the original photos.

More examples coming soon ...

Other useful information

stocks of sites that can not be redistributed.

They can not be used in premades and png.....
  • literally all stocks from paid sites can not be used in premades.
not use premades which was used stocks from paid site. [ depositphotos, big stock, shutterstock, fotolia ....and etc..... ]. I have read many terms, and realized that sites that sell stock, are not literally the public domain because its terms are more rigid. and also each photographer has their terms. I recommend to use in your commercial work but I do not recommend in premades stocks.

-many of the terms of these sites are the same, then I'll put a small part of the terms of the deposit, which proves that it is not correct to use to make new stocks.

- Making a File purchased available for free downloads;
- Create conditions in which the file can be extracted from a product; 
- Transfer or resell a sublicense to third parties or the rights of the file;

- Authorize third parties access to the file for later use.

  • and also do not use pixabay, never use in premades and also do not recommend use on your manipulations.
is written as follows:
Pixabay cannot be held responsible for any copyright violations, and cannot guarantee the legality of the Images stored in its system. If you want to make sure, always contact the photographers. You use the site and the photos at your own risk!

is written as follows: not reviewed, and can not review, all of the material, including computer software, posted to the site, and can not therefore be liable for the content, use or effects of this material. To operate the site, does not represent or imply that it endorses any material posted or who believes such material to be accurate, useful or non-harmful.

sites that can be used in premade, but with credit.
  • few sites allow, and few sites are reliable.
sites that can, are those of the public domain. but do not forget to read the terms of use, and see if it is reliable. it has many sites of public domain that are not responsible for the contents posted.

I do not know many public domain sites that are reliable, I know two that I've used. maybe it reliable:

these also:

you can see some here Free Stock and Resources outside dA

I think this information is enough.
If you have questions and want help,
you can consult
Help & FAQ. (Contact the Help Desk)
or you can consult me, maybe I can help you :)

and do not forget to take careful with these galleries


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